Note: This documentation is for Moodle 2.7. For up-to-date documentation see Comments block.

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Could you please tell us WHO can see the comments? And if the comments appear on that page only? If so, once we put the Comments Block on a particular page, does this mean that anyone can comment on that page? Are course admins notified that comments have been added?

Configuring a Comments block - the drop list here does not refer to adding the Block to pages other than admin.




Jaedth- anyone can see the comments and can comment on that particular page. I don't think course admins are notified but the site admin has a comments report that enables them to see all comments on the site and delete any inappropriate ones. If you go into a course or an activity and add the block there then it will appear where you want it to. Any other queries please feel free to ask on the help forums --Mary Cooch 17:17, 21 August 2012 (WST)