Note: This documentation is for Moodle 2.7. For up-to-date documentation see New features.

New features

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As usual Moodle HQ and our incredible community have brought together work from all corners of the globe to this release. Scalable, responsive and private, Moodle 2.7 is our best release yet. Here are some highlights of this release, and you can view screencasts of some of these highlights on the official MoodleHQ YouTube page: Moodle 2.7 Release Highlights Playlist.

Full details of the release, with technical information, can be found in the Moodle 2.7 Release notes.

For all users

  • Atto 27.jpg

    Atto, a new, simple-to-use editor

    Our new Moodle editor focuses on usability and accessibility. TinyMCE is still available, but Atto will be the best editor for most people. Learn more

  • Clean27.jpg

    Modern appearance with improved responsiveness

    Moodle now uses Bootstrap themes by default for improved responsive design and usability. Many small improvements have been made all through the interface. You can find more themes in the Moodle Plugins database.

  • MathJax.jpg

    Mathematics improvements

    Atto features a new mathematical equation editor, producing TeX with a WYSIWIYG interface without needing Java. This means it works everywhere, even tablets and phones. We've also added a new MathJax filter for displaying mathematical equations beautifully, without needing any special server setup. Learn more

For teachers

  • ConditionalActivities.jpg

    Create better customised learning paths with enhanced Conditional Activities

    Enhancements to this widely used teaching feature in Moodle include an improved, streamlined interface, as well as added support to enable restricted access with "or" conditions and use nested restrictions for complex access criteria. Learn more

  • Assignment.jpg

    Improved Assignment features

    1. Control when to notify students of feedback via a checkbox when grading individual students.
    2. Teachers can now be assigned permissions to edit or delete student submissions.
    3. Set a word limit, and comment and edit directly on students' online text assignments.
    4. Easily keep track of student submissions via filters in the Assignment grading table.
    Learn more

  • Quiz 27.jpg

    Easily create and manage Quiz & Question bank

    As well as an updated question type selector, duplicating and moving questions is now easier, and there is an option to 'Save changes and continue editing'. Quiz reports have been improved and the Essay question now allows students simply to add an attachment with no accompanying text. Learn more

For administrators and managers

  • LTS-graph.jpg

    A long term support release

    Moodle 2.7 is a LTS release, meaning it will have an extended support of 3 years (until May 2017) for security and data-loss fixes, twice the time of other releases. This makes it an ideal, stable platform for long-term projects.

  • Logging.jpg

    Improved logging for better reporting

    A new logging subsystem with plugins allowing detailed and external logs provides opportunities for improved reporting as well as advancements in better learning analytics. Learn more

  • more-theme.jpg

    More theme: Easily style and brand your Moodle site

    'More' is a new responsive theme designed for admins to easily make basic customisations to the look and feel of their Moodle site directly, without the need for advanced technical knowledge. Learn more

  • Scheduled tasks.jpg

    Scheduled tasks management

    With an improved scheduling system, tasks can be scheduled precisely, even on complex clustered servers. See Scheduled tasks for details.

  • listreports.jpg

    Improved Events system

    Events have been improved all through Moodle, allowing you to better integrate your code with Moodle. A new dynamically-generated report listing all events and event details helps administrators, researchers and developers understand the system. Learn more

  • emailogin.jpg

    Log in with your email address

    A new admin setting allows users to log in not only with their normal username but also with their email address.

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