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Each entity is managed through a tree-editor providing following commands :

  • New root entity creation : the new entity is added at the end of the top level list.
  • Raising/lowering order of a unit : Up/down arrows allow increasing or lowering the order of a unit within its branch level, swapping with the immediate neighbour. Swapped units and any dependancies are reordered as needed. First child cannot be raised. Neither last child can be lowered.
  • Lowering level of a unit : any unit up from second child (included) can have its level lowered by one. Following neighbours are renumbered as needed, so are dependancies of the lowered unit.
  • Raising level of a unit : any non-root unit can have its level raised by one, pulling its own sub-tree up. The raised unit will get the following number in order than the order of its immediate predecesor on the upper level. The entire branch will be renumbered as needed.
  • Editing a unit : a unit can contait complete content along with properties (meta-data). Updating a unit's content does not perturbate the tree structure.
  • Removing a unit : when a unit is removed, all sub-units are recursively deleted, so are associations to other entities. The end of the tree will be renumbered consequently.

mod techproject entity editor.gif

The tree-editor provides as standard a "group command set" (list selector below the list display), affecting a selection of units obtained by checking relevant checkboxes at the left of the unit's header. All entities may not have identical group capabilities. Most common are :

  • Delete selection : deleting units using group command has a distinct behaviour than unitiy deletion, in that it will not affect subtrees. The tree will be entirely reordered consequently.
  • Moving units : this group command allows moving selected units to another description entity. All qualifiers will be lost (as they are not relevant any more in the destination entity), so are cross-entities associations previously operated on moved units.
  • Copying units : as for moving entities, but keeping originals of units in source entity. As before, qualifiers and cross-entity associations will not be reproduced in the copied units.
  • XML exports : scheduled for the second developmenet step of the module, should allow exporting a selection of units as an XML flow.