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Administration block

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The Administration block provides context-sensitive links to settings pages.

What appears in the Administration block depends upon the Context (Page being shown and user's permissions). For example, a site administrator on the front page will have Front page settings while a teacher in a course will have more options in Course administration than a student.

Here are examples of the Administration block:

Administration block menus

The main menu items (Front page settings, Course Administration, My profile settings and Site Administration) contain a submenu and can be collapsed or expanded to display the (typical) full menu as shown below:

  • Front page settings
    • Turn edit on/off
    • Edit settings
    • Users
    • Filters
    • Backup
    • Restore
    • Questions
    • Files
  • Course administration
    • Turn editing on
    • Edit settings
    • Users
    • Filters
    • Reports
    • Grades
    • Badges (if enabled)
    • Backup
    • Restore
    • Import
    • Publish
    • Reset
    • Question bank
  • My profile settings
    • Edit profile
    • Change password
    • Roles
    • Portfolios (if available at site level)
    • Security keys
    • Messaging
    • Blogs
    • Make this my default home page (if set at site level)
  • Site administration
    • Notifications
    • Registration
    • Advanced features
    • Users
    • Courses
    • Grades
    • Badges
    • Location
    • Language
    • Plugins
    • Security
    • Appearance
    • Front page
    • Server
    • Reports
    • Development
    • Question engine upgrade helper

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