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Text editor FAQ

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I can't find the option to do......

Click the computer screen icon at the far right of the top row. It will say "Toggle fullscreen mode" when you hover over it. The editor will now appear in a pop-up with the full range of options available (e.g. tables).

Can I customize the text editor or add other icons like an anchor or horizontal rule?

Yes - see the section on customising the editor toolbar in Text editor.

The Text editor does not appear

Check the following points (in no particular order);

  • Is the TinyMCE HTML editor enabled in Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Text editors > Manage editors?
  • Is 'Use HTML editor' set in Administration > My profile settings > Edit profile?
  • Is JavaScript enabled for my browser?

How can I enable a spell-check?

NOTE: While the default spell engine is Google spell which can be changed in Administration>Site administration>Plugins>Text editors>TinyMCE HTML editor, this is no longer supported by Google and will not work. (Note that it is only visible in IE9 and lower) It is due to be removed. See MDL-38867. In browser spell check is recommended.

It is possible also to use PSpell or PspellShell. Spell To use spell checking you need to install aspell 0.50 or later on your server, and enter the correct path to access the aspell binary in Administration > Server > System paths.

How to use Firefox spell-check

TinyMCE HTML editor replaces Right Click with their own menu, but if you do CTRL + Right Click, you got the old menu, or in case it's active the helper from TinyMCE that points to this shortcut.

How we can disable the spell check button for specific instances in a quiz?

The spell check is very handy for most circumstances but a quiz where you are looking at spelling and punctuation in student responses kind of defeats the purpose of the question. You can use the theme CSS files to disable the button on a specific question type. Try:

 .essay div[title='Spell-check'] {

The spell check button should be displayed everywhere except on the essay question type response box.

Suggested by Joshua Westerway.

What is the biggest chunk of text you can edit?

Maximum size of the forum post text is not limited by database. The maximum text sizes depend on PHP settings related to POST request processing and available memory.

Are there any keyboard shortcuts?

Here are some TinyMCE keyboard shortcuts (particularly useful when using the collapsed editor)

Shortcut Meaning
ctrl+z Undo
ctrl+y Redo
ctrl+b Bold
ctrl+i Italic
ctrl+u Underline
ctrl+k Insert/edit link
ctrl+1-6 h1-h6
ctrl+7 p
ctrl+8 div
ctrl+9 address

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