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Moodle help courses

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Moodle provides numerous areas where Admins can enable/disable functionality as well as setting defaults. No organization uses all the features. Why have them all on? The admin should customize the site to the needs of the organization. How can we do this. Some examples are below:

Create a help course

This is so obvious and yet done by only 10% of sites I come across. Support your educators! It is a simple idea isn’t it. You don’t even have to make all the content yourself. At the lowest level link to relevant Moodle docs. Check out the how to’s on the Moodle YouTube channel. But you should do MORE than that. Invest some time every week to create your own videos and documentation. Don’t magically expect your users to magically absorb information from the Knowledge Unicorn as it flies past dropping sugary sweet candies of perfection and best practice as your educators sit in front of their screens of satisfaction. It just doesn’t happen!Below are some examples of Help courses made by organizations that are open to the public

   Moodle HQ's Teaching with Moodle MOOC    
   University of Nottingham Moodle Help
   Oakland University Moodle Help
   Amherst College Teacher Support

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