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(See also MediawikiSSO)

quoting Martin's instructions based on the root folder of the wikimedia installation:

Save it in extensions/AuthMoodle.php.
Then you just put this in LocalSettings.php:
 require_once( 'extensions/AuthMoodle.php' );
 $wgAuth = new AuthMoodle();

Bugs with AuthMoodle in mediawiki 1.7

  • preferences are no longer sticky (they pretend to save but don't really save)
    fix: disable this if in includes/SpecialPreferences.php around line 290:
if (!$wgAuth->updateExternalDB($wgUser)) {
    $this->mainPrefsForm( wfMsg( 'externaldberror' ) );
  • if the moodle database prefix is different from the mediawiki database prefix must match (or be blank)
    fix: edit the function tableName in includes/Database.php around line 1310 and 1313:
function tableName( $name ) {
   global $wgSharedDB, $wgAuth;
   # Skip quoted literals
   if ( $name{0} != '`' ) {
       if ( $this->mTablePrefix !==  &&  strpos( '.', $name ) === false 
            && strpos ($name, $wgAuth->mAuthMoodleTablePrefix) === false ) {
  • for mediawiki 1.7, I had to change line 33 to includes/AuthPlugin.php and comment out line 223-226 (refers to a non-existent function)

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