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Moodle community

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The Moodle community is a large collaborative group of people and organizations that contribute to its opens source program. Anyone who develops code, assist others or uses Moodle is part of the greater Moodle community. The community communicates though the Moodle site and related web services. The sharing of contributions of code and information is a key part of Moodle, which keeps it fresh, nimble and arguably the best Learning Management System in the world for a large and varied user base.

  •] - The primary site which uses the Moodle program code as its basis. You will find very active forums, special courses, databases and other features that all demonstrate Moodle's interactive learning philosophy in its structure. In itself, it is a robust demonstration of Moodle's potentials and is the heart of the Moodle community.
  • Moodle Partners - Organizations which contribute financially to and can provide a variety of services related to Moodle, from course design to hosting a Moodle. A list of Moodle Partners can be found at
  • Moodle Docs - You are currently at a page in Moodle Docs, the "official" documentation area for Moodle. This is a web service run by that utilizes a MediaWiki. You may see links to Moodle Docs in form posts at All Moodlers are encouraged to participate in the documentation of Moodle.
  • Tracker - the place to report bugs or suggest improvement to Moodle. This is also a web service run by that utilizes an open source version of Atlassian JIRA.
  • QA testing - is part of the Moodle community that assists developers by testing future versions. Here is the Quality Assurance Testing Site.
  • Moodle events - Moodlers meet face to face and virtually in many events. These are usually listed in the calendar and the list of future events has it's own course at
  • Demonstration sites - places to try out Moodle.

This only begins to outline parts of our Moodle community.