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A MoodleMoot is a gathering to discuss and learn about Moodle. They take place all over the world and tend to be face to face conferences. Sometimes they are limited to a particular user group (for example, a school district) others are open to the entire worldwide Moodle community.

MoodleMoot features

While there is no such thing as a "typical" MoodleMoot, one might include:

  • Guest Speaker(s)
  • Workshops
  • Vendor area
  • A Moodle site to share examples
  • Podcast of presentations
  • Lots of collaboration, mentoring and sharing between all attendees
  • Demonstrations

Conference Center @

The Conference Center (a course at has announcements of Annual Meetings and open MoodeMoots. site

This site also posts announcements, has helpful MoodleMoot resources and can serve as a Moodle site specifically for a MoodleMoot.

Here at

Origin of name

'Moot' is an old Anglo-Saxon word for a meeting of the freemen of a shire. The first use of MoodleMoot is attributed to Sean Keogh, who organised the first ever Moodle conference and is a Lord of the Rings fan. See for more background.

However popular MoodleLegends claims it is another humorous, pun on the word moot. Which in the context of open source collaborative software could deliberately confuse an ancient meeting in a public house, with a hypothetical case study, and a point with no monetary importance. In short, a great educational experience for all participants.

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