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Case studies

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This will be a place to describe how teachers have used Moodle in real-life situations to teach more effectively. Please feel free to correct my American terminolgy/jargon to make it more universally acceptable.


  • American high school students are preparing for a homestay in Germany. As part of their preparation, they are considering "every day culture" in order to become more observant about customs, behaviors, etc., while abroad. To do so, they collaboratively create a wiki (in English). Their entries are discussed in forums and face to face prior to departure and during the stay in Germany.
  • From Western Australia: 'How can Moodle change a school' - a video (2 parts) about how Moodle has been working very succesfully in integrating ICT in teaching and learning, often fundamentally changing the ways subjects are taught and the ways in which members of the school community work, study, communicate and collaborate. First part of the video shows features of Moodle in action through real cases at the chalkface, the second part is about the 'side effects' of having Moodle at our school. All at [1], search for 'How can Moodle change a school' post.

Post Secondary

  • From Nitin Pramar: Improving the quality of assessment and feedback mechanisms is of key interest to the University of Bath. Therefore, as part of my remit as a Learning Technologist, I've recently been examining use of the Moodle Workshop activity as a means for both self and peer-assessment. With contributions from my colleagues in the e-Learning team, I've put together a Moodle Workshop-focused case study which I'd like to make available to the wider Moodle community. It can be downloaded from:
  • From Gaurav Parashar: Over the past several years, the Inmantec Business School, Ghaziabad, faced problems related to information flow from departments to students, faculty members, department staff members, and between departments. This often led to chaotic situations. Till, one day, Moodle was discovered! Here’s a first hand account of how Moodle helped the school overcome a number of administrative challenges.A case study on issues and challenges faced by an academic institution in India


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