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Can not log in

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If you are having problems logging into a Moodle site then you should check a couple of things.

Correct username and password

Have you typed the Username and Password in correctly, exactly as it was given to you?

Example: your name is Chris Smithe, but the username you were given is
Example: your name is Chris O'Brien, but the username you were given is
  • Solutions: Look closely. Or ask your teacher or site administrator to change your user name. Or ask them to login using the name and password you were given.

Case sensitive

Remember that the username and password can be case sensitive.

Moodle is different than

Alpha or numeric

Remember to look closely at what you were given.

moodle is different than
mood1e (number one instead of L)
m00dle (number zero instead of O )

Solutions: use a view zoom feature to increase the size of the fonts so the difference between a O and 0 or l and 1 can be seen.

Caps lock key on

Is the Caps-Lock key on your keyboard ON? You could be typing CHRIS instead of chris.

  • Solution: check the caps-lock light on your keyboard.


Cookies must be turned on in your browser.

  • Solution: this setting sometimes can be found in your browser menu bar under tools>options>privacy.

Correct Moodle

Are you on the right Moodle? Many Moodle login screens look the same.

  • Solution: look at the URL address bar in your browser.
http://localhost is different than

Do you have an user name

Has someone with authority issued you a Username and Password?

  • Solution: Try lost password link or contact your teacher or site administrator.

Lost password link

You may be able to follow the 'lost password' link in the log on block of the 'send me details via email' button.

Be kind

Sometimes mistakes happen. Tell your site administrator you went over this checklist and you could not login.

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