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{{Grades}}Course settings determine how the gradebook appears for all participants in the course.
#redirect [[Grade settings]]
To change the course settings:
#Choose "Course settings" from the gradebook dropdown menu.
#Change the settings as required.
#Click the "Save changes" button.
Note: Individual teachers may override the aggregation position setting for their own grader report view via their [[Grade preferences|"My report preferences"]] tab.
===Show rank===
If the show rank checkbox is ticked, the position of a grade item in relation to the rest of the class will be shown.
==Default course settings==
[[Image:Gradebook course settings.png|thumb|left|Gradebook course settings]]
The default course settings are set by an administrator in the following locations:
* Grade display type and overall decimal points - ''Administration > Grades > [[Grade item settings]]''
* Default aggregation position - ''Administration > Grades > [[General grade settings|General settings]]''
* Overview report setting - ''Administration > Grades > [[Gradebook report settings|Report settings]] > Overview report''
* User report settings - ''Administration > Grades > [[Gradebook report settings|Report settings]] > User report''

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