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Tag cloud generator block

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The purpose of tag cloud generator block is to generate tag cloud with the most popular keywords (keywords that visitors use to find the website via Google search).

This block can help you to improve these characteristics of your system (article Effective Tagging For Both Usability & SEO):

  • Usability, because more people will reach desired page in less clicks (tag cloud contains most popular keywords with links to internal pages for those keywords).
  • Search engine optimization (SEO), because tag cloud adds more popular (and relative to content) keywords to website's content. So tag cloud cause more visits via these or similar keywords from Google.

Tag cloud.png


Block is using Google Analytics data. So in order to use this block Google Analytics must be installed for your system. Blocks installation guide.


Administration > Modules > Blocks > Tag Cloud Generator (later you can change this name)

Parameters you should enter to make block work:

  • E-mail (Google Analytics account)
  • E-mail (Google Analytics account) password
  • Profile ID of the site in Google Analytics system

Other useful parameters you can specify for your needs:

  • Block name - changes blocks name both for users and in administration panel.
  • Period (default value is 1 month) - Period of time from what keywords should be taken. By changing this value, you make tag cloud more or less sensitive to the newest data. Longer period makes tag cloud less sensitive to the newest data.
  • Number of keywords - specifies number of keywords tag cloud should display.
  • Max. font size (default value is 30 px) - specifies maximums font size of tags in pixels (influences CSS font-style: ?px; value).
  • Min. font size (default value is 10 px) - specifies minimum font size of tags in pixels (influences CSS font-style: ?px; value).
  • Max. keyword length (symbols with spaces) (default value is 45 symbols with spaces) - by changing this value your can avoid long keywords and make your tag cloud more usable and nice looking.

Tag cloud generator configuration.png

Tips and tricks

  • If you change block name it will be changed as block name where tag cloud is displayed and in administration panes. So next time you want to configure it you should search for Administration > Modules > Blocks > {Your specified Block name};
  • If required parameters are not specified block just would not be displayed.

Languages Supported

  • English
  • Lithuanian

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