Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.3. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Subcourse module.

Subcourse module

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The module provides very simple yet useful functionality. When added into a course, it behaves as a graded activity. The grade for each student is taken from a final grade in another course. Combined with metacourses, this allows course designers to organize courses into separate units.

The module was created and is currently maintained by David Mudrak.


The module uses PHP exceptions - PHP5 is needed. Use this module at production servers on your own risk - it has not been tested very much yet. On the other hand - you are warmly welcome to install, test and report any problems.

  • Moodle 2.0 - upgrade in progress
  • Moodle 1.9 - checkout CVS branch MOODLE_19_STABLE or download 1.9 build
  • Earlier version are not supported

The source code of Moodle 1.x live also in CVS contrib/plugins/mod/subcourse. To checkout the module, go to the Moodle mod/ directory and use:

cvs -z3 co -d subcourse -r MOODLE_19_STABLE contrib/plugins/mod/subcourse

How to report a bug

Please, use Tracker. Subcourse if one of the components in "Non-core contributed modules" project.


Capability Description Status
mod/subcourse:begraded a user can be graded with the remote final grade implemented
mod/subcourse:fetchgrades a user can manually fetch grades from a remote course implemented

See also

  • Subcourse in Modules and plugins database page for downloads and more information.
  • Subcourse for Moodle 2.0+ upgraded version by Matt Gibson (may not be ready for production).