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Multimedia file field

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The Multimedia file field is a database activity module field plugin, which enables its users to upload multimedia files into records and display them using multimedia filter plugin: these could be SWF, MP3, FLV and other files. This plugin is based on "file" database field and it is developed by Vlas Voloshin.


  • Download the latest version of the plugin.
  • Extract "multimedia" folder in the archive to your /moodle/mod/data/field/ folder.
  • Optionally: apply datafield_multimedia.patch on your moodle directory to add two language strings for this field.


When creating a new database record with multimedia field, you should choose a file to upload into record and its dimensions. You may leave dimensions to zeroes - in this case they will be set to the default of multimedia file you've uploaded.


  • Currently the only way to add field's language strings is to apply a patch as mentioned before. This is because currently database module field plugins are not checked for language strings. This issue is being addressed in MDL-9531.
  • Flash Player 10 is not supported right now, as database activity module data files are not trusted by default to load inline. Embedding of user-submitted flash files might be considered as XSS risk, but multimedia filter plugin uses allowscriptaccess:"never" parameter which actually blocks any flash-to-browser interaction, including XSS attacks. See this discussion for more details.

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