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Marking block

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For moodle 1.8+ please read the documentation in the Modules and Plugins database. The rest of this page concerns moodle 1.5 and 1.6 only.


  • to allow teacher to quickly see what needs to be "marked" in ONLY:
  1. assignments
  2. journals
  3. lessons
  4. forums

The Marking block is a Moodle block add-on that provides a summary of activities awaiting grading. It includes a separate page that provides an alternate gradebook functionality tied to the marking block. This block is restricted to teachers and administrators.

This block displays marking information for newly submitted, resubmitted, and overdue (activities past their defined close dates) activities. The marking page provides the same information and easy access to the grading functions for these activities.

This block can also display a list of students below a certain grade level.

The block can be configured to display a maximum number of students in each list and to set the grade level to display below.

This directory uses custom code for all activities it summarizes. There are few common activity library functions that can perform the same operations, and thus any new activities to be added will need new code.


To install and use, unzip this file into your Moodle root directory making sure that you 'use folder names'. This will add a new block directory (marking) to your '/blocks' directory and some language files to your language directory. Once unzipped, visit your admin screen and configure the new block the way you want.

Setting up Marking block for Moodle 1.6+


  • set $CFG->block_marking_listnum = (some number other than the default 2) via the admin / configureation /blocks / marking / settings menu (the default is to show two activites needing marking per section (unmarked / resubmitted / unsubmitted.)
    • set it to a higher number to avoid the illusion that not all items are shown "to be marked" (or click on the "MORE" button instead)


The marking block has been designed and built with the contributions of the following people:

  • Fernando Oliviera - G8 First Nation Schools > original design concept of the marking page
  • Darren Smith - Egglescliffe School > orginal design concept of the marking block, and additional design of the marking page
  • Mike Churchward - (mike AT churchward DOT ca)> original technical design and development
  • Bruno Vernier - block packaging and some bug fixes

To do

  • Make sure all strings are in language file
  • Allow configuration of each section (i.e. enable/disable 'below average list')
  • Create a local block library file and better compartmentalize functions

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