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Lewis structures

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Lewis structures
Type question type
Maintainer(s) Carl LeBlond


With this question type the instructor draws valid Lewis structures with all lone pairs and charges for a molecule. The student is presented with the structure stripped of lone pairs or formal charge, and they must add correct number of lone pairs/radicals or charges to any atoms.. Note: This plugin requires Marvin Applets from Chemaxon

You can ask questions such as;

  • Add the formal charges to any atoms requiring it in the following structure?
  • Show all lone pair or radical electrons required to satisfy the charge on any atoms in the following molecule?


This plugin adopts the same license that Moodle does. The Marvin Applets are free for academic purposes.


This plugin was developed at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). Neither IUP or Carl LeBlond are affiliated with Chemaxon.


This plugin requires Marvin Applets from Chemaxon which can be downloaded here. Download the full package and install it at your web servers root directory.


Example questions are provided as a Moodle xml file in the examples folder. (coming soon)