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Internalmail module

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The Internalmail module provides an internal email system that works within Moodle. Each user can have his or her own internal mailbox to send and receive messages from the moodle site users.

Why use internalmail

Why would one use internalmail?

  • Because Moodle providers don't have to provide internet email acounts to their users.
  • Because if email is to be used as a tool for education there has to be a way to track the status of the messages.
  • Because internalmail provides course contextual folders.
  • Because internalmail is trully spam free.

Versions available

The first Internalmail Module was developed for Moodle 1.4. Then came along the version 2.0 (2.1, 2.2. and 2.3 ) for Moodle 1.5 and the version 2.4x for Moodle 1.6.

Rigth now ( Jan 2007) Internalmail does not work for Moodle 1.7, but this will be fixed very soon.

Also, DFWikiteam is preparing a third version of Internalmail.

Uses and future

Since UPC [1] (and lots of other installations) is using Internalmail, we can be sure that the module will be maitained and due time.

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