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GeoGebra filter

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The GeoGebra filter is aimed at easier integration of GeoGebra files with Moodle. The GeoGebra filter converts links to GeoGebra files and GeoGebra tools files to an embeded applet. It should work for all ressources and activities. From Moodle 2.X onwards it provides the possibility for different configuration in each context.



Using Git

Installation follows mainly: Installing_a_contributed_extension_from_its_Git_repository

You will need a shell and write access to your moodle root directory. On Linux systems you should not have a problem to get a shell, on Windows systems we recommend installing Git for Windows.

Navigate to your moodle filter directory

cd /path/to/your/moodle/
cd filter

Clone the GeoGebra filter repository to a new directory geogebra

git clone git:// geogebra

Checkout the branch appropriate for your Moodle Installation (available branches are MOODLE_21_STABLE, MOODLE_20_STABLE, MOODLE_19_STABLE)

cd geogebra
git checkout -b MOODLE_21_STABLE origin/MOODLE_21_STABLE

Delete the automatically created master branch

git branch -d master

Exclude the geogebra filter from your moodle clone (otherwise git will complain that the files are untracked)

cd /path/to/your/moodle/checkout
echo /filter/geogebra/ >> .git/info/exclude

You can now update your filter using

cd /path/to/your/moodle/filter/geogebra
git pull

We strongly encourage you to use a shell-script and cron for updating the filter on a regular basis .

Using .zip or .tar.gz packages

We strongly discourage you to do that, because you will fail to catch up with upgrades and you will end up using an outdated Moodle core, outdated GeoGebra jars and an outdated filter. So only use this option if you don't have any decent access to your server.


Put the contents of the .tar.gz or .zip packages in /path/to/your/moodle/filter/geogebra. You should end up with the filter.php and all the other files and subdirectories (lang, db, 32) residing in /path/to/your/moodle/filter/geogebra (if you just unpack you will end up with an additional folder and Moodle will tell you that the filter is defunct or outdated).

Upgrading from 1.9 to 2.X

Until now the Admin settings for the GeoGebra Filter are not transferred from the old plugin to new. You have to adjust them manually.

Earlier Versions of Moodle (1.6-1.8)

If you really got stuck with an outdated version of Moodle, you should be able to use the MOODLE_19_STABLE branch of the filter. In order to use the filter settings you should copy or move the language files to your lang directory, for example from your Moodle root directory do:

cp filter/geogebra/lang/en_utf8/filter_geogebra.php lang/en_utf8/filter_geogebra.php


After the installation you may adjust the default settings for GeoGebra filter. As they are set to reasonable defaults you may just save them without reading through all the settings.

Since Moodle 2.X filters can be activated or deactivated by context (course, ressource, activity) the standard activation for the GeoGebra Filter is set to "Off (available)". It's no use that Math filters are enabled for language courses. If you want to save your teachers the work to activate the filter for their courses you may want to set it to "On".

All the settings can also be changed in the context of a course, ressource or activity.

Activate the filter for a specific course

On the main page of the course go to Course Administration - Filters and set the GeoGebra Filter to "On" - now the filter should be activated for all ressources and activities of the course.


If not already done you have to activate the GeoGebra filter for you course.

You just have to add a Link to the GeoGebra file and when displaying the ressource it will embed the GeoGebra applet and load the file.

There are two ways of changing the size of the embeded applet:

  • Add the dimensions to the Link:
    • Select the linked text, choose Add/Edit Link and put the desired dimensions at the end of the Link. The correct syntax of the dimensions is #d=WidthxHeight, for example #d=800x600.
  • Change the settings for the filter in the ressource or activity:
    • Navigate to the administration of the ressource or activity and choose Filters
    • Choose Settings of the GeoGebra filter
    • Fill in the desired dimensions
    • Save

Tips and tricks


Should I use the export from GeoGebra or use the filter for emeding GeoGebra files?


Moodle 2.X complains on "Plugin "filter_moodle-filter_geogebra" is defective or outdated"

You have to rename the moodle-filter_geogebra directory to geogebra.

After installing and activating the filter I can't provide a GeoGebra file for download because it gets embedded

Moodle 2.X only:

  • Disable the filter for that particular ressource or activity (or even on course level if you want all GeoGebra files in this course to be downloadable).

All versions of Moodle

  • Use ressource type "File" (2.X) or "Link to a file or website" (1.9)
  • Use ressource type "Folder" (2.X) or "Display a directory" (1.9)
  • You may compress (zip) the file or modify the file extension (not recommended and to complicated)

Known Issues

Moodle 2.X

  • In versions prior to 2.0.4 and 2.1.1 the context specific filter settings do not work correctly for page ressource due to a Moodle bug, see MDL-28100
  • In some ressources or activities you might be facing the same problem (Page, Forum and Quiz are known to be fixed), see MDL-24996

Moodle 1.X

This is a summary of comments and questions people posted as comments to the old filter pages and in the forums.


Filter not working


  • Jochen Mäusle (for the first implementation of the filter)
  • Peter Tierney-Fife ...
  • ...

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