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File manager block

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The File Manager or MyFile block is a contributed block module.


Allows creation of folders and allows further categorization of files by applying categories to files/folders/links.

  • Implements built in help buttons to aid in the effective use of the block.
  • Allows sharing of files/folders/links/categories with other course users.
  • By using the built-in admin settings, accessible by the site admin, admin can set upload sizes, directory sizes, permission settings for sharing to other course members and allowing to share to everyone on the site from the main page, an enabling the file manager in general. Settings can be set for the three types of users, eg: teachers, students, and admins
  • Users main File Manager page shows file/directory sizes, and shows how much space they have remaining if directory size is set or total space if set to 'unlimited'.
  • Can share files/links/folders/categories to users in the current course. Can view shared objects from the current course or sitewide.
  • Implements the built-in zip function to allow zipping of files and storing the zip into the moodle api. Unzipping a zipped file uploaded to the site will retain folder structures, etc. (Currently, this feature overwrites other files/folders without warning)
  • Increased file security to prevent unauthorized access to files.

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