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Criteria reference block

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The criteria reference block (1.9) allows students to see their progress through assignments/graded items in a block on the course page: Critrefblock1.gif


  • Visual display of progress
  • Customise pass/incomplete colours
  • Create different levels
  • Uses sequentially named assignments/graded items (suffixes must be alphabetically or numerically sequenced)
  • Links to the assignment or displays the item information of the graded item
  • Bases result on the set ‘pass’ grade for the assignment/graded item


  • Copy the file from
  • Unzip and upload the dfocrnational folder to your blocks folder in the moodle root directory
  • Visit your moodle admin notifications page and the block will be installed and available to any course.


Graded Items

The block works with graded items (assignments, quizzes, manual graded items) that are named in a sequential fashion with a common prefix. An example of each is shown below: Assignment Name (Numerical suffix) Assignment name (Alphabetical suffix)

01AO1P1 Level 3a

01AO1P2 Level 3b

01AO1P3 Level 3c

Each common prefix group will form one line in the block’s display, there can be as many lines as required.

An example of a grade book in moodle showing graded items: Critrefblock3.jpg

This would lead to two lines of data, one for the 01AO1P group (consisting of 5 items) and one for the 01AO1M group (consisting of 3 items).

See student S1’s view of the course below Critrefblock4.jpg

Graded items settings

The Item info box on the Grade item can contain HTML and appears to be redundant as the help icon indicates that it is inaccessible anywhere else on the system – WARNING! – see below


This block uses this field to display to students what it contains. Clicking on the hyperlink in the block will take them to a page that displays this content.



Click the edit icon on the block and you get something like this:


This is set up for the gradebook shown on the previous page.

Focus solely on the block to see how the configuration creates it:


The display check box allows you to ‘hide’ a line without losing the settings – remove the tick to do this.

The ‘No. of levels’ drop down allows you to choose the number of levels. Each time it is saved it changes the values in the drop down to include more than currently selected. So to get 10 levels, choose 6, save it…come back choose 9, save it…come back…choose 10.

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