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Course FAQ

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How do I get rid of the teachers' names on my course descriptions?

  • By default Moodle will show names of teachers on course descriptions.If you don't want this, uncheck the role in Settings>Site Administration>Appearance>Courses - Course contacts

How do I add the names of non-editing teachers to my course descriptions?

  • By default Moodle will only show names of teachers on course descriptions.If you want to add other roles, check the role in Settings>Site Administration>Appearance>Courses - Course contacts

Some of my courses have the course summaries showing but some only have an information icon.Why?

  • Categories which have fewer than ten courses will show the full summary but those with more will only show the information icon. If you want them all to show the full summary then change the number to a number lower in Settings>Site Administration>Front Page>Front page settings. The courses will then display over more than one page but with the full summary

Why can I only add one hyperlink to a page or label?

You are probably using Internet Explorer 8 or later. Try either switching to Firefox or click the icon to change to Compatibility mode (which is in effect Internet Explorer 7) and then you will be able to make more than one link.

How can I prevent teachers from being able to duplicate course activities?

I don't want the new activity chooser. How can I get the old dropdowns back?

  • While the activity chooser is very helpful, it could cause confusion to users who are coming straight from Moodle 1.9 to 2.3. A teacher can temporarily disable it in Settings>Course administration and (since 2.3.2) an admin can disable it sitewide via Settings>Site administration>Appearance>Ajax and Javascript

How can I make my course home page look more like a webpage?

Often when a course has a lot of content, students and teachers find the long scrolling tedious and would prefer a 'neater' appearance with hyperlinks to sections in a similar way to the way pages on websites work.

  • Anchors/section links can help. But the course page can still be long.
  • Hiding the activities shortens the list for students, but then they can not be selected by students.

One method which might be useful is to put the activities into sections which are then made 'unseen' to the student.

Basic Example

  • Set the number of topics in the course setting to 1 more than students will see.
    • For example, you plan on the students being able to see 6 topics, set it for 7.
  • Add activities in topic 7, such as a quiz (in our example)
  • Get the url of your quiz
    • Copy it and keep it somewhere (such as notepad) for later use
  • Go back to course admin>settings and change your topic/weeks to 6
    • Or one fewer than you had before
  • The section with your quiz will no longer be on the page that the student sees
  • In another section, make a hyperlink to the quiz using its url
    • You can also put it in a topic summary, label or
    • as a resource (link to a file or website)

You will find that the quiz is accessible to students even though the section does not physically appear on the course page for the students. You have shortened the page.

More advanced example

  • There is a youtube video that gives an example of how to do this hereThe video is of a Moodle 1.9 course but the principle still applies.
  • You can actually set up your whole course using this method.
  • Set your course to have two topics (or more if you wish)
  • Ignore topic 1 - do not place anything in it.
  • In topic 2, use the resource: Page to make pages relating to your units of work/topics
  • Add all your resources to topic 2
  • Copy the resources urls into the relevant webpage as hyperlinks
  • In topic 0, the course summary make hyperlinks -or better- images hyperlinked - to each webpage which contains the activities of that unit/topic
  • Go back to course settings and set the number of visible topics to 1.

The teacher will see the hidden sections as "orphaned" items on their course page. However; the student will only see the top of the page. When they click on a link in the header, they are taken to the hidden webpage resources, where they select the resource or activity they wish. This creates a very short visual page but keeps all the course material within the course.

I am unable to edit a topic summary: the edit icon doesn't work any more (is not clickable)

  • This often happens if something copied and pasted from another source, such as MS Word has corrupted your topic summary. This forum post suggests three possible solutions.

Where can I find a list of all course resources? where x is the course ID number, for example

Is it possible to download all files from a course?

It is possible, but not easy. See

I get an error message "paging_bar requires a perpage value"

If you go to Settings>Site administration>Courses>Miscellaneous>Add/edit courses and get the above coding error detected message, then see this this forum thread on for how to fix it.

Can I put a course in more than one category?

Currently this is not possible. There are workarounds however. One suggested workaround (from the 2012 French speaking Moodle Moot and hightlighted here ) needs access to course/view.php. Use at your own risk:

Add the following code to course/view.php before the  preload_course_contexts function:
$is_admin = has_capability('moodle/site:config', get_context_instance(CONTEXT_SYSTEM));
 if (!$is_admin && $course->idnumber) {
 Then get the ID of the course you want to point to. Make a second course, and in its ID field add the ID of the course you want to point to.        

When a user clicks the link to the second course, the first course will open up instead EXCEPT if you are the administrator (so you can edit if necessary)