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Conditional activities FAQ

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What ARE Conditional activities?

Conditional activities is a feature that enables a teacher to release resources and activities for their students based on certain criteria such as date, grade received or participation.

Where are the settings to use Conditional activities?

The Moodle admin needs to enable it site wide in Settings>Site administration>Advanced features and a teacher will then see "restrict access" options in the setup screen of each activity.

Can I make access to a course conditional upon completing another course?

Not currently, no. It is possible to set course prerequisites, but that only affects grading. It is not possible to restrict access to course B until a student has completed course A. There are workarounds such as setting a final page at the end of course A which is only revealed once the student has completed course A. In this page you can include the enrolment key for course B. However - this relies on trusting students not to pass the key onto others.

Can I set conditional activities for a whole section, not just individual activities?

New feature
in Moodle 2.3!

Yes you can. The settings are within each course section when you click the "edit" icon. Screencast here

We had Activity Locking in 1.9. Will it cause problems when upgrading to Moodle 2?

If you are using the 1.9 AL version that uses the added course format called Activity Locking, then there should not be any upgrading issues.

You could remove the code, which means deleting things from your server and data base.

If you want remove things, do this prior to upgrading to 2.0. Of course, you will be making a backup of your site, database, and even your individual courses before upgrading to 2.0.

  1. Make a note of the conditions you have set on your activities since they will be deleted.
  2. Delete the activity locking block through moodle admin--then delete the block folder.
  3. Delete the AL course format folder.
  4. This is optional--leaving these should not break things, but it would be a good idea. Delete (e.g. via phpmyadmin) the four added columns to the course_modules table:

Now you can change your course formats back to topics, then after upgrade, reset your conditions with the new conditional activities code.

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