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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.2. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Language editing.

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Location: ''Administration > Language > Language editing''
#redirect [[Language customization]]
[[Image:Edit-strings.gif|thumb|Language editing in Moodle 1.6]]The language editing interface enables you to easily change any word or phrase used on the site. For example, you may want to change the word "Course" to "Area".
== Edit words or phrases ==
[[Image:edit words or phrases.png|thumb|Edit words or phrases in Moodle 1.8]]
From Moodle 1.6 onwards, text may be changed by editing language strings, either via ''Administration > Language > Language editing'' or directly i.e. in ''moodledata/lang/''.
To edit a word or phrase:
#Access ''Administration > Language > Language editing''.
#Click the "Edit words or phrases" link in the middle of the page.
#On the edit words or phases page click the "Switch lang directory" button and a local language folder, ''parentlanguage_local'', will automatically be created in ''moodledata/lang''. Files of edited strings will then be saved in this folder. This is necessary to prevent changes that you make to be overwritten by a newer language pack when updating.
#Choose a file to edit. You may need to search through a few files before finding the file containing the word you wish to change. The file ''moodle.php'' contains all common site-wide phrases.
#Change the word or phrase.
#Click the "Save changes" button. The changed phrase will be highlighted in a different colour.
If you wish to make further changes later, be sure to check that files of edited strings will again be saved to the folder ''parentlanguage_local'', switching folder if necessary.
Note: From Moodle 1.9 onwards, the option to switch is no longer provided and edited strings are automatically saved in the local language folder.
==Changes in 1.9==
{{Moodle 1.9}}* From Moodle 1.9 onwards, only users with the capability [[Capabilities/moodle/site:langeditmaster|moodle/site:langeditmaster]] may modify the master language packages (i.e. those being saved in ''moodledata/lang/''). It is prevented from all roles by default. It is expected that only language maintainers will manually allow this to themselves.
* From Moodle 1.9 onwards, only users with the capability [[Capabilities/moodle/site:langeditlocal|moodle/site:langeditlocal]] may customize the site translation (i.e. files being saved in ''moodledata/lang_local/''). Admins are allowed to do this by default.
* Added ability to edit language files in non-standard locations, i.e. string files for various types of plugin (e.g. blocks, database presets, 3rd party modules etc.)
* TODO (currently working on) ability to edit help files in non-standard locations and translate local modifications of help files.
* Several GUI improvements including tabs
[[Image:screenshot-admin-lang-19.png|frame|center|Moodle 1.9 admin/lang.php interface]]
==Previous admin/lang==
Text in Moodle 1.5 may be changed by editing the language strings, either via ''Administration > Configuration > Language'' or directly e.g. in ''lang/en''.
To ensure that any changes are not overwritten by a new version when upgrading, you need to create your own local language pack as follows:
* Copy the contents of your language folder (e.g. ''lang/en'') into a new folder (e.g. ''lang/en_local'') - you will need access to the server to achieve this step, it cannot be done from within Moodle.
* Make your local language pack the default for the site via ''Administration > Configuration > Variables.
== See also ==
* [[Translation]]
* Using Moodle [http://moodle.org/mod/forum/view.php?id=43 Languages forum]
* Using Moodle [http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=49150 Local language] forum discussion
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[[pt:Edição da língua]]

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