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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.2. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: WikipediaCalls filter.

Simple tagging for Wikipedia Links. Filter is aware of the current language of the session and points as a default to the same idiomatic Wikipedia.


  • deploy in <moodle_install>/filter
  • Activate filter from "Administration/Plugins/Filters".

Tagging content for linking

Direct tagging

Tag a word apending [WP] will provide a direct link to that article in Wikipedia when published. Example :


(not working - need more work) to tag a sentence or expression, use insecable spaces to separate words (Ctrl+Maj+Esp in most situations) within the locution. Example :


Indirect tagging

To point a distinct article than what the tagged word whould point to, extend the [WP] tagging with an additional parameter. Separator is | (pipe). Example :


Pointing another language

You may use a third parameter to change the idiomatic space of the Wikipedia response. Example :



The filter allows enabling or disabling a report of all collected keys within a content block. If enabled, The content is appended with the recollection of all inserted keys. You will provided a link to a test popup for all these links. In all cases, only teachers can see the report.

Additional features

Automated test of links

A popup for testing globally all the links in a content block has been provided. This popup allows launching a test sequence of any key collected.

Click on "Start the test" to initiate test sequence.

Version Moodle 2 has not any more cross-scripting limitations as using a server side check service.