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Language packs

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Language pack installation

Over 90 language packs are available for an administrator to install on your Moodle site via Settings > Site administration > Language > Language packs. Simply select the languages you require from the list of available language packs and click on the "Install selected language pack" button.

Multiple language packs may be selected for install by holding down the Apple or Ctrl key whilst clicking on the language packs.

Language packs are a work-in-progress, since new language strings are added for new features in each new version of Moodle. Language packs for Moodle 2.2 lists the percentage of language strings translated in each language pack.

Parent language packs

Certain language packs contain only the modified language strings from their parent language, rather than a complete set. Thus, it is necessary to install the parent language pack too. These language packs are:

  • de_du (which requires de)
  • es_mx and es_ar (which require es)
  • fr_ca (which requires fr)
  • en_us (which requires the default en)

Manual language pack installation

In general, the easiest way to install additional language packs is from within Moodle. However, it is also possible to install a language pack manually by downloading the zip file from Language packs for Moodle 2.2 and unzipping it to a directory called lang in your moodledata directory.

Language pack updates

To update installed language packs, except English and any local language packs, click the 'Update all installed language packs' button in Settings > Site administration > Language > Language packs. The English language pack is updated automatically each time the site is upgraded.

Language pack names

The name of a language pack is set in core_langconfig by the use of two strings: thislanguage containing the name of the language in the language of the language pack and thislanguageint containing the name of the language in English.

Usually there is no need for any additions to the language name, but if it is necessary, we use as structure in thislanguageint "Language - Country" and "Language (variant)

  • es_mx is Spanish - Mexico: the Spanish variant spoken in Mexico
  • en_kids is English (kids): the standard English variant for young children.

How to write the language name in thislanguage can be chosen by the language pack maintainer.

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