Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.2. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Course creator role.

Course creator role

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A user assigned the role of course creator can (as the name suggests!) create a course. If the setting "Creators' role in new courses" is left as default (teacher), then the course creator is enrolled as a teacher in the course they have just created and can then edit the course settings and enrol other users.

A course creator can also view hidden courses.

The role of course creator could typically be assigned to a master teacher, department head or program coordinator.

Creating a course

The "Add a new course" button can be found at the bottom of the page listing all courses.

When a course creator creates a course, they are automatically enrolled in the course as a teacher, or whatever role is set in Administration > Users > Permissions > User policies.

Note (1): If a user is assigned the role of course creator in the course category context, the "Add a new course" button only appears when the course category contains at least one course.

Note (2): Course creators are not automatically assigned the role of teacher in a course they have not created, even if it is in a category where they have course creator rights.

Deleting a course

There is no user interface for course creators to delete courses they have created, however they can do so by editing the URL of the course from to (replacing 'view' with 'delete').

Role assignment

A user may be assigned the role of course creator as a system role (in Settings > Site administration > Users > Permissions > Assign system roles) or in the course category context.

Role permissions

If you require a course creator to have additional permissions, it is recommended that the Manager role is used, rather than changing the course creator role permissions.