CertificatesWall module

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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.2. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: CertificatesWall module.

This page requires updating for Moodle 2.2. Please do so and remove this template when finished.


The CertificatesWall module creates virtual certificates/diplomas for students of the course and puts the certificate/diploma to a student's wall on CertificatesWall.com. The certificate/diploma can be printed (downloaded as PDF file and then printed).

The plugin generates a certificate using certificatesWall.com API. The certificate template is customized on CertificatesWall.com.

To use the plugin it is needed to be registered as an issuer on CertificatesWall.com

Screenshots of the plugin work


  1. Download and Unpack the Certificate zip file in a temporary area,
  2. Copy the "certificateswall" folder to your moodle mod folder located for example at yourhost\moodle\mod . This will include folders backup, db, lang.
  3. Go to your Moodle, and click on the Notifications link in the Site administration. Moodle knows something has been added and it will proceed to install the certificateswall module.
Note: It is not necessary to move the lang file into the Moodle lang folder, the certificateswall lang folder can stay in the mod/certificateswall folder.
Note: If the download zip/tar file does not create a certificateswall folder, rename the top folder to certificateswall. There needs to be a folder in /mod called certificateswall.

See also: Installing_contributed_modules_or_plugins in MoodleDocs.


Most of configuration must to be done inside the issue/vendor settings account on CertificatesWall.com. See Certificates Issuer FAQ.

Some options are also in the plugin CertificatesWall.

  • General - Certificate name and introduction. The certificate will use the course name, this is the link name.
  • Issue options -Here you can set email options, determine if you want to save and or reissue certificates.
  • Common module settings -These are standard Moodle module settings. See Common module settings