Blocked site secret

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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.2. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Blocked site secret.

Note: a secret is sometimes called siteidentifier.

Every site has a unique secret. If during the registration you see the message "your site secret is blocked", it means that the hub administrator blocked your secret. There are multiple reasons for the hub administrator to block a secret:

  • you were using a buggy third party custom script installing Moodle for you. Some scripts install many Moodle sites with the same secret. In this case these sites would be able to update each other registration and they would be able to spam under name of the other site using the same secret. A hub administrator will detect the problem easily and will most likely block the secret.
  • you were using a buggy version of the Mac Moodle package. There was an issue with the official Mac Moodle package that created the same secret for every site ( Mooch blocked this secret.
  • someone stole your secret, the hub administrator detected it (weird behaviour on the hub or you alerted him), and he blocked the secret.

Resolving the issue

  1. you can follow the link indicated on the page where the warning is displayed. Your secret will be regenerated and you will be able to register again.
  2. if the above link didn't work and that you can not update your site to the indicated version on the warning page, then follow the same step as in the following chapter.

Your secret has been blocked after you registered successfully

Specific Mooch registration 1st step: If you were trying to register on Mooch you must first delete your current secret. Go in your database, in the 'mdl_config' table, look for 'siteidentifier' and delete the row.

Common step: Go to your site registration admin page and try to unregister from the Mooch (or a specific hub blocking your site). The unregistration process should fail ('Access control error'). Then a 'Force unregistration' option should be displayed. Force the unregistration. You should be able to register correctly now.