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experimental:Getting Help Installing and Managing Moodle

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This page and it's companion pages are intended as another way to explore support and help available that is more contextual than simple text searched. Here you will find in more narrative form some direction as to where you can turn.

For Free

Getting Help

While the first resort of many is the Moodle [Installation Problems Forum], this is not the most efficient way to use the free online resources at

Moodle Docs

Best practice if you have a support issue is to search [Moodle Docs]. This may provide you with an immediate solution as Moodlers do try to post solutions to the docs as well as keep the solutions published there current. The Doc search engine can be a bit cranky, so spend some time trying different search terms.

Moodle Fora

If you can't find a solution in the docs, then your recourse is to the proper forum. It is important for you to understand that Moodle fora do not have "sticky" posts. Searching in a forum with a specific search term may result in identifying obsolete solutions, may drop you in the middle of a two year long thread, and may confuse you more than if you had never visited the forum. However, if you do a doc search first, whether or not you find the specific solution you ae looking for, you will get a better idea of the jargon used to discuss the problem as well as a pretty good idea of what forum to post a question.

While Moodlers are by and large nice folk, you can imagine how tiresome it can become asking someone to post their question in the proper forum..... the narrower you can focus the more likely you will get a quick and helpful response.

The Tracker

[The Tracker] is where you go to search for bugs as well as to make suggestions.

Turn About

Part and parcel of this "free" (remember the law of TANSTAAFL) support system is assuming the obligation to help others either through assisting others through the fora, or perhaps more importantly, by editing Moodle Docs to include the documentation and solutions that may be helpful to others.

DO not feel shy; that is why there is a "page comment" feature to doc pages. If you are unsure about somethig you want to add or want to suggest a doc change, enter it in the page comment tab first.

Other Free Resources

For Fee

While Moodle is open source, you may find that you are paying for some level of support or that you paying for support will make your life easier. This page will help you explore when and where you may want to explore fee based services.

Web Hosting


Various people who might do special work--themes, etc.

A Bit of Both

Reference to MPs in Decision FAQ Decision_FAQ#What_is_a_Moodle_Partner.3F