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World of Water

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World of Water is a 'child' of a very successful Water! course, a pilot run in early 2010 using Moodle 1.9

It's a brief course of awareness of the issue of clean water, starting from personal environment at home to global issues, roughly pitched at early high school audience. Deliberately, the course showcases a variety of standard Moodle tools. All activities have a contextual explanation in orange italics.

The course is partially completed by several students, mostly by Barbara Gardner (featured 'student' account on Mt Orange School Demo).


  • Water Glossary - students create their own
  • Waterbase - students search for and add their own useful resources on the topic of water, can comment
  • Water Supply or Demand - Choice activity after which students are split into groups
  • Create a Junior School Water campaign - full Workshop activity with samples and peer grades
  • Activity-associated blog - Barbara Gardner blogs about a specific activity (Visit to Stink Farm - 'gallery' preset Database, new feature in Moodle 2
  • Use of HTML block - Rollyo search engine and Visuwords
  • Inserted IMS package 'Water & human health'
  • DANGER! - Q and A type forum with 'provocative' question. Students had to answer first before seeing replies.


This course is now published and featured on School Demo for general public to play with. It may require some further editing and improvement. Feel free to use 'Page comments' here to discuss. --Tomaz Lasic 05:39, 20 January 2011 (UTC)