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Wimba Voice Tools module

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Wimba Voice tools are used to create audio recordings directly in Moodle. The tools can be used by teachers and students. There are several voice tools in Moodle:

  1. Voice Boards - This is an audio discussion board where both teachers and students can post recordings which are linked together in a discussion thread.
  2. Voice Presentation - The teacher can post web content with an associated recording. Students can then post audio comments.
  3. Podcaster - Used by the teacher to deliver 'podcasts'. Students can easily download a series of audio recordings (via iTunes or similar software) to mp3 players such as an iPod.
  4. Voice Authoring - Allows teachers to add individual audio recordings throughout Moodle. There are three ways to add them:
    1. Block
    2. Activity - on your course homepage
    3. HTML Editor - you can add audio throughout Moodle via the HTML Editor. For example, in Forum messages, Quiz questions & Assignment feedback
  5. Voice Email - Allows teachers (& optionally) students to record & send audio recordings from Moodle. Voice Emails can be created via the Voice Email Block or Activity

The availability of Voice Tools will depend on the version of the Moodle-Wimba integration that you have. You will need to check with your Moodle Administrator if you are not sure. Versions 3.3.2 and above include all the tools listed.

The Wimba Voice tools are non-standard Moodle modules.

A Wimba Voice Board (Instructor's View)

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  • Wimba Voice Tools are a 3rd-party non-standard module