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I work as Education Researcher at Moodle Headquarters in Perth, Western Australia.

I have about twenty years experience of working with people, young and old(er), elite and beginners, as a sports coach, mentor, high school teacher and ICT integrator. I have a Masters Degree in Education (Research), focusing on social equity and critical multiculturalism.

My creed is “what if?” and I often tinker with ICT, particularly with Moodle and Web2.0 tools to cha(lle)nge the mainstream, 'industrial' model of schooling and the unexamined notion of 'good education'. More than in Moodle itself, I am always interested how and WHY people use it, particularly in educational settings.

I run the 'Human' blog at, you can find me on Twitter as @lasic, but I also go by the name 'moodlefan' on Vimeo, YouTube & other 'tubes'. I stand by that nickname too!