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Using Forum

mod/forum/view -> Viewing_a_forum moved to Using Forum - GU, Nov 08, needs 'Blog-like format' entry too then update pics to be same
Everything AFTER the activity is open to participants. Things like (if available) viewing, posting, grading, results, analysis, 
reports, good practices, creative uses, examples, pedagogical implications etc.


Forum_posting - G, Aug 09, insert an image, add/link to (?) useful guidelines/rules for posting, techniques to avoid spam etc
Forum_ratings - OU, Apr 10, 1.9 VI, valid points but the separate/connected ways just doesn't fit, sorry. One could write more on 

separate/connected ways

as Tomaz says above - all of that stuff plus the book references - does it really have a place here? I would delete it personally but what do others think?

Hi Mary, perhaps we could have a 'Separate and connected knowing' page as it's related to scales really, not just forums. --Helen Foster 23:42, 28 September 2011 (WST)
Advanced_forum_search - G, Nov 10
Take content from [[Forum_module and organise here, perhaps reduce a little, link to new pages...
MANY diff. ways of knowing - not the purpose of this page though but a separate page?
Mention related blocks and tools - eg. Latest news block