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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.0. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Teaching Good Practices (K-12).

Good Idea for Rollout in a K-12 Installation - orforema
(pardon me if I'm not following the format, I'm just writing here)

-Eliminate all student to student social networking aspects of moodle (kids love myspace, districts hate it)
-Secure the pages the best you can, it's a good idea to eliminate the moodle "open" front page where anonymous people can go through and browse courses and such.
-Since most email services (yahoo, hotmail, gmail, cox, etc) is filtered by our strict district policy of "no email at school", we have a custom script that will enroll students into courses. If your school district filters access to email services, it's a good idea to enroll students manually.
-Alot of school districts use Active Directory/LDAP for user management. Integrate moodle into that, and it will create a "Single Sign On" for students across the system. Students will be less apt to forget their passwords, and it will streamline management.
-Lay guidelines with teachers, teachers need to know what NOT to put up on moodle and what to put up on moodle.
-We have a custom script inside of moodle that checks URL resources upon creation, editing, and viewing against our district's filtering system. If the site is blocked, it wont let the teacher/student to add/view that URL.

Richie Foreman