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Talk:Step-by-step Guide for Installing Moodle on Mac OS X 10.4 Client

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Some people are confused between Mac OS X 10.4 Client and Mac OS X 10.4 Server version. It would be very useful and appreciated to list the differences between them in installation.

Yes, a school, for example, would want to set up Moodle on a robust server platform, so it would be nice if there were instructions available for installation using OS X Server 10.4 or 10.3. Also, what is the point of Moodle4Mac if it is not intended as a production server?

Regarding above:

If Moodle is the only or primary service, there is no need for OS X Server. The client (standard) edition of OS X will do the job just as well and it is cheaper and a tad simpler to handle. People who need to run the Server edition are usually server administrators and can extrapolate these instructions accordingly. The OS X Server actually has some of the software preinstalled.

The purpose of Moodle4Mac is a quicky install for testing/experimenting purposes.