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What is Your Biggest Financial Vice?

I was thinking about what my biggest vices are when it comes to staying healthy. As it turns out, my #1 health/fitness vice is also my #1 financial vice eating out at lunch time. I really enjoy escaping from everyone and grabbing some lunch alone.

Unfortunately, eating out inevitably translates into less healthy meals and considerably larger expenditures than if I just packed a lunch. Assuming I do this 3-4 times a week, and estimating the “overage” at $6-8/meal, lets do the math. At an average of $7 for lunch, four times a week we would spend $28 a week. multiply that fifty weeks a year you come up with $1400. Over a thirty year time span $42,000

A much cheaper and healthier, but still enjoyable alternative (at least for the weekday lunch ritual) would be to pack a lunch and then skip out of the office when it’s time to eat.

What about you? What’s your biggest financial vice?


Comment 1: Nights out and new outfits.

Comment 2: Bad investments.

Comment 3: Dunkin Donuts!


My greed for speed. Anyone out there at a snail's pace?

Just been overtaken by several snails!

Biggest financial vice? Online shopping! Especially QVC and HSN. And... thanks to DishNetwork... I can order by clicking a button... don't even have to call in!

A Cold November Evening in Northern California

It feels like someone slipped ice water between my shoulder blades and is letting it trickle down my spine. I turned the heat up last night, slept under three wool blankets and pulled both dogs under the blankets to bring up the heat. Sunny California. Not!

Well, you could be in Northern New Hampshire or are you up in the Sierra Nevada's. Find a hot tub :)--chris collman 13:53, 23 November 2010 (UTC)

This is Rob's comment. I just don't get all the Moodle buzz! Not impressed!


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