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My pupils convert powerpoint into videos using a facility in powerpoint to save as a series of images and the facilities of Virtualdub or Windows Movie maker to turn it into a little video.

Here is link to a video about it.

--Derek McMillan 05:03, 30 March 2008 (CDT)

Why this page?

I have opinions about this page. Fair notice that I will Christallized it for Moodle :)

The focus of this page should be (my opinion) on

  • How PowerPoint can be used in Moodle with links
  • What features of Moodle give a PowerPoint look and feel with links

This page should not have

  • How PowerPoint is misused as a presentation tool
  • Tricks and tips in using PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint configurations

This page or another might include best practices for presentations. See Dereck's comment which could be turned into a Moodle TIP. My brother introduced me to Beyond the Bullets by Atkinson which I like but if you don't use audio online... Presentation theory belongs on this page. End of soapbox :)