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I know the breadcrumb name is controversial in Moodle circles, but a) this really is the name of this standard web feature and b) the latest version of Moodle still has a .breadcrumb class in the HTML/CSS. For reference see these quotes from the Yahoo Web User Interface pattern library

* The breadcrumb sometimes corresponds to the user's recent browsing history, but is not equivalent to it.


* The term 'Breadcrumb' can be misleading. It implies that this is the trail that got us here and will take us back the way we came. In reality, our Breadcrumbs pattern is more like Homeward Path as described in the Diemen Patterns Repository. However, we chose the name 'Breadcrumbs' since it is the most common name for this idiom.

--David Scotson 17:25, 26 April 2006 (WST)