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I'm not at all sure if anyone will ever read this.

I've set up this page because

  1. On trying to see where core Moodle forum bug fixes and enhancements were at for 2.0 I found 'nowhere', they were not on the agenda.
  2. In this search I discovered ForumNG. (I did ask why not fix the core forums . . .) I tried NG, and the module has some good things going for it that I could really use
  3. In getting this sorted I could not find quickly the core information I needed, so I've centralised it all here
  4. It's no immediatley obvious what some of the benefits of NG are, and the romantic view is that this may help get people into a place where they appreciate it and use it. Plugin help is often very very patchy.

What will happen in the future? Who knows. Personally I hope as a minimum NG gets a few critical aspects added and then NG is added as a contributed module to the core Moodle install like the book module. Derek Chirnside 00:26, 9 August 2010 (UTC)