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An explanation of "create password if needed" would be useful.

As it stands the text doesn't really make clear what happens. E.g. Will Moodle create a password? Will the user have to? (When?) What is meant by 'if needed'? (Presumably, if the user hasn't yet got a password, but this could be made clear).

The best information I could find by searcing was here:

Flat File Structure

The instructions on the "Site administration / Plugins / Enrolments / Flat file (CSV)" page indicate that you can specify the optional starttime and endtime "in seconds since epoch". Should these starttime and endtime timestamps be captured in UTC time or according to the servers' time zone? Does Moodle store all time stamps in UTC time or according to the server settings? --Luis de Vasconcelos 02:10, 17 August 2011 (WST)