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Talk:Configuring aspell on Windows 2003 Server

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Security Questions

  • Is it really necessary to give the Moodle user permission to read and execute cmd.exe? Is that safe? Windows complains that modifying access permissions on system files could open security holes. Would it be safer to move a copy of cmd.exe to a non-standard location?
  • The directory moodle\admin exists in 1.7 and 1.8, but moodle\spelling does not. Now what? One way around this is, rather than create a new Moodle user, use the anonymous internet user: SERVER\IUSR_SERVER where SERVER is your Moodle server name. What are the security implications of doing this?
  • In one case, the moodle site stopped responding, and multiple copies of aspell.exe and cmd.exe were found running. Possibly the method by which aspell is invoked is not thread-safe?

Custom Word Lists

Has anyone using Aspell on Windows had any luck adding custom word lists?

If so it would great if you could add your methods over on the spell_check#Windows_OS_2 page