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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.0. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Building Lesson.

Suggestions for improving Building lesson page and other pages

A page JUST for what the creator (eg. teacher) needs to do and in building the activity AFTER the initial setup described in Lesson settings and BEFORE it is opened to participants (eg. students) - Using Lesson. INCLUDE

  • Lesson_Pages - GU, Nov 10, good info but lots of text, making it more visual would be good for (particularly new user) to get the idea
  • Adding_a_content_page - GU, Nov 10, updated to reflect change of Branch to Content page but all this text screams for something visual...
  • Adding_a_question_page - OU, Jul 09, revise version references and content ('Moodle can be tricky...') & reflect changes in Moodle 2
  • Lesson_question_types - GU, Nov 10, can use most, detailed, has reference to Question bank but check. Screenshots would help
  • Jumps - G, Nov 10, good choice of P1,P2,P3 to explain, again - something more visual & less text needed.
  • Clusters - G, Nov 10, same as above really...
  • Lesson_reports - GU, Nov 10, just check for Moodle 2 changes with Gradebook
  • Import_questions - GU, Nov 10, detailed, references to older versions, check for all question formats in Moodle 2, see the Question bank menu that appears here, is this up-to-date? Did not change the old template, seems very appropriate there more to do...
  • Import_PowerPoint - OU, Dec 10, 1.8 & 1.6 VI, lots of info but really need to test all this to see things in Moodle 2
Note:mod/lesson/edit - currently pointing to Lesson settings but needs to be a separate, this page in the new Docs format.