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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.0. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Blogs.

Blogs page notes


Eq. to 'Blog'
Don't forget to include Blog association, importing, Forum - Blog-like format too as an option ... lots of the material here can be re-used. 
Blogs - GU, Dec 10, has menu, good general intro 
Blogs_2.0 - G, Jan 11, up to date, maybe more links to examples
Blogs_and_forums - U, Jan 06, a well explained but horribly out of date page (06!), re-use some info though
menus will need a bit of work in this section

Blog settings

Adding/editing_a_blog_entry - OU, Nov 09, basic OK, streamline 'how to' part, add a pic
Add/delete_blog_tags - OU, Jan 09, needs an update, reference to a capability (still there? changed?)
Blog_permissions - PU, Jan 08, 1.7 VI, some use, check new permissions in Moodle 2
Blog display - M, need a page, perhaps an annotated screenshot of Site administration->Appearance->Blog page
Blog_preferences - incorporate this, silly to have this one-sentence standalone page
Don't forget Blog-related blocks 
*Blog menu block
Blog_Menu_block - OU, Aug 10, up to date, include 'linked to activity' explanation/example (mentioned), links to old blog pages OK
*Blog tags block
Blog_Tags_block - OU, Jan 09, useful, add a pic, expand to include user and official tags
*Recent blog entries block
Recent blog entries - new in Moodle 2, construct the page according to the format for Moodle Docs on blocks, basic info there for now

Using Blogs

M, need it! Draw from exiting sources, see page comments at Blog settings for useful links

Blog association

Mention this is new in Moodle 2
Blogs_2.0#Blog_associations - re-use, expand with examples
Capabilities/moodle/blog:associatecourse - expand on this, examples and visuals welcome
Capabilities/moodle/blog:associatemodule - expand on this, examples and visuals welcome

External blogs

External_blogs - PU, Jan 11, basic OK, need pic, example, benefits? Exporting to external blogs? 

Blogs FAQ