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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.0. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Adding a content page.

Building Lesson

  • mod/lesson/edit - currently pointing to Lesson settings but needs to be a separate page!
  • What the creator (eg. teacher) needs to do and in building the activity AFTER the initial setup (edit settings) and BEFORE it is opened to participants (eg. students).
  • Lesson_Pages - GU, Nov 10, good info but lots of text, making it more visual would be good for (particularly new user) to get the idea
  • Adding_a_content_page - GU, Nov 10, updated to reflect change of Branch to Content page but all this text screams for something visual...
  • Adding_a_question_page - OU, Jul 09, revise version references and content ('Moodle can be tricky...') & reflect changes in Moodle 2
  • Lesson_question_types - GU, Nov 10, can use most, detailed, has reference to Question bank but check. Screenshots would help
  • Jumps - G, Nov 10, good choice of P1,P2,P3 to explain, again - something more visual & less text needed.
  • Clusters - G, Nov 10, same as above really...
  • Lesson_reports - GU, Nov 10, just check for Moodle 2 changes with Gradebook
  • Import_questions - GU, Nov 10, detailed, references to older versions, check for all question formats in Moodle 2, see the Question bank menu that appears here, is this up-to-date? Did not change the old template, seems very appropriate there more to do...
  • Import_PowerPoint - OU, Dec 10, 1.8 & 1.6 VI, lots of info but really need to test all this to see things in Moodle 2

Not sure where to put this

Creating a branch structure in a lesson

It is best to create a branching structure in a lesson after you have created content pages in your lesson in some sort of logical order. Here is a simple example of creating branches that students can navigate to from a page at the start of a lesson.

Go to All-Pages View or Expanded View of your lesson. Above each page of your lesson you will see a link: Add a Content page. Decide where you want to create a Content page and click on the Add Content page link. You will need to specify the name of your Content page (for example: Contents) and then write a few words introducing the topic/ topics covered in your branches.

Next, enter the name of each button link in the description and the page to which each button link will jump. This jump should be the start of each navigational branch section. As a best practice, add a button for End of Lesson in at least this branch table so the student can exit.

Finally you will insert End of Branch pages where each navigational branch section ends. All the jumps your End of Branch pages should be set to the Content page we created in this example.