Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.0. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Slideshow module (for images).

Slideshow module (for images)

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The Slideshow module (for images) allows you to easily display a folder of images, without having to worry about or understand the best way of resizing files for screen size or download filesize. There is also a similarly named Slideshow module (for presentations), which allows you to create powerpoint style slideshow presentations.

The slideshow module was developed in response to requests from teachers who wanted to display sets of digital photographs in our VLE but (quite reasonably IMO) were unable or unwilling to learn "image processing for the web". It works with static gif's and png's as well as jpg's. The module generates thumbnails and will resize images that exceed size limits to within the maximum dimensions set, all of which are configurable site-wide by admin in the usual way ( admin > modules > slideshow settings ). There is also a config "security" option which includes javascript to prevent easy saving of the images. It requires that GD is installed on the server.

Images within the chosen directory are ordered alphabetically and thumbnails can be shown above or below the main image. Click on the thumbnails to navigate between the images, clicking on the main picture will progress to the next one. Teachers can choose to display titles and captions in various places to accompany the main image.

There is a link to open a pop-up window which advances through the images automatically; the delay between pictures is configurable, and teachers can select a black background for this feature. The slideshow module has been tested with Moodle versions 1.6 through to 1.9 using Postgres and MySQL.

Steps for User to Setup a Slideshow

1. Navigate to your course

2. Turn on editing

3. Open the folder named "File". Look for it at the bottom of the Administration block.

4. This is where you can create folders for your slideshow and upload pictures. The pictures you upload to your course are not available for any other courses to use. They only reside in the course you uploaded them to.

**Warning!** Uploading can take awhile if your pictures are large and your connection is slow. Also, depending on how fast your school Internet or network connection is, uploading can also slow down your school network, especially if a number of people are uploading files at the same time.

5. Now choose Slideshow from the Activity drop down menu and set up your slideshow.

6. Name your slideshow and choose a directory under the drop down menu called Slideshow Directory

  • Remember that if you put the pictures in a folder, then you will need to choose that folder in the Slideshow Directory when setting up your slideshow. If your pictures are not in a folder, then you can just leave the choice as Main Directory.

How to Upload Multiple Pictures

1. Compress (or Zip) your pictures

  • You have to compress (or zip) your pictures before you upload them. In Windows, you select the pictures and then right click on them and choose Send To >> Compressed (Zipped) Folder. Then you can upload this compressed folder. (Note, you cannot select multiple pictures from within the Moodle Upload Window. You have to open a window on your computer to select multiple pictures and then compress or zip them.) Once uploaded, you will need to unzip the pictures to use them in the slideshow. Look to the right of the name of the folder and you will see unzip. Click on this, and your pictures will be ready for your slideshow.

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