Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.0. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Presentation module.

Presentation module

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The Presentation module enables teachers to quickly and easily create a resource that looks and acts like a Power Point presentation without using any software outside of Moodle. One advantage of this is that most users are familiar with this layout and will find navigation through the slides in the presentation intuitive. It is a comfortable environment for many.

Caution : make sure you download the latest version submitted near the end of the discussion thread ; otherwise this module may block installation of other Moodle modules.

screenshot of a presentation - this is unformatted, but several themes are available for you to use to make your presentation more attractive

Screen View Structure

Slide structure.gif

Create a presentation

After you log in a teacher and turn editing on, you can choose Presentation from your drop-down list of Activitiy resources. You will than see the form below. After you complete this form, you will begin creating slides for your presentation.

Begin creating your presentation

Create a slide

After you have completed the form above, you will begin creating slides. Note that clicking the Change presentation data link will reopen the above form in a pop-up window, allow you to edit the global settings for the presentation.

Begin creating a slidea slide
finish creating a slide

Click on New Slide to continue adding slides to your presentation. Previewing the slide will open a pop-up window showing the content of the slide without the left frame (the navigation frame).

Viewing a presentation

When clicking on a presentation resource, students will see your presentations with the index of the slides on the left side frame. Navigation buttons presentation buttons.png are provided. Functions of these buttons is given by tooltips ( "Back to Moodle","Show/Hide slide's index","Previous", "Next","Full screen"). Left and Right keys are also functionnal to circulate between slides.

In full screen mode, the navigation buttons are reduced to presentation buttons 2.png . Left and right arrows keys are functionnal, together with "esc" key to return to normal viewing.

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