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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.0. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Myvideos.

Block and module package to create user repositories of videos. The package goal is to reduce the disk space and the bandwidth necessary to use audiovisual resources.


The block integrates Moodle with a FFmpeg server to compress and encode videos to Flash Video format, and allows users to link external videos from video based websites like youtube.

Users can choose the visibility of the video: private, public for Moodle users or public for all www, and allow video comments. Other Moodle users can add the public videos to their own favorites list with a search interface. Users without a Moodle account can watch and search for public videos through a specific block page, no login required.

The myvideos module is a simple activity to add the repository videos like other Moodle course resources.


The FFmpeg package it's required to encode videos; for performance reasons, it's recommended to have a FFmpeg dedicated server, but it is also allowed to have both on the same machine, in that case the PHP SSH2 extension are not required.


  • Install FFmpeg and Mencoder in a server, the same Moodle web server can be used.
  • Install the SSH2 extension <> also available through PECL (only required if FFmpeg is installed on a different server)
  • Download the latest package for your Moodle version from Moodle Modules & Plugins database or CVS
  • Copy both block/myvideos and mod/myvideos from the zipped file into the blocks/ and mod/ directories of your installation
  • Logged as an admin user, click the Notifications link of the administration block
  • Fill the block settings page with the FFmpeg server data and the path where the repository must be stored (username and password are only required if FFmpeg is installed on a different server, otherwise the "web server" user will be used
  • Change the default capabilities permissions if is it is necessary

Other information

  • Supported languages: English, Español and Català.
  • Moodle supported versions: 1.9.x

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