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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.0. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: My peers block.

This contributed code block allows a site to display some information about people according to their role and according to the role of the current user. For example, you can choose to display teachers for the students and students for the teachers (only his group(s) or not).

You can put several instances of this block in a course with different settings.


Trombi.jpg Course test16.png


  • Copy the files into the blocks folder.
  • Go to the admin page and allow the block to be installed
  • You can change site level settings at this place in the administration menu :
Administration ► Modules ► Blocks  ► My peers


The block title

  • site level and block level
  • Default : My Peers

Free text displaying at the end of the block

  • site level and block level
  • Default  : nothing

Printing the role name

  • site level and block level
  • Default  : yes
  • This parameter is ignored if the course setting forces the use (or not) of groups.

Display only in the user's group(s)

  • site level and block level
  • Default : yes

Other contact informations

  • site level and block level
  • Default : no
  • if yes, take care if user lets these pieces of information be displayed

Showing the user photo

  • site level and block level
  • Default : yes
  • 3 options : yes, no, display only the photo (nothing else : other settings are ignored)

Photo size

  • site level and block level
  • Default :
  • 4 options : very small, small, medium, large

whom can see whom

  • Only block level
  • Students see Course Creators, Teachers, Non-editing Teachers
  • Choose here whom (in row) can see whom (in column)


Thanks to the generosity of translators, the My_peers Block is available in:

  • English (thank you for you, Glenys !)
  • French (original language)
  • Hebrew ( Miki Alliel)


The My_peers Block was contributed and is maintained by Etienne Rozé.


Entry in Modules and plugins database:My_peers block