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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.0. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Map module.

This is a map activity module. It allows the creation of geographic maps to be used in courses. It can be used for student locations and/or other course content.


This module generates geographic maps within Moodle courses. Markers can created mark user locations and/or other course content.


This module requires php5. It also requires the cURLlibrary. It has been tested with Moodle 1.8 and 1.9.

Map Providers

The module currently can create maps using two map providers. The map provider can either be chosen in the module settings page or for each map.

Google Maps

In order to use Google Maps a Google Map API Key will need to be set in the module settings page. If you don't have a Google Map Key then you can get one here. In order to use Google Maps Browsers must be supported by Google Maps API. A list is here. It is the module user's responsibility to make sure they are using Google Maps in compliance with the Google Maps API Terms of Service.


OpenStreetMaps offers free geographic including street maps. OpenStreetMaps may be able to be used in situations where the Google Maps API Terms of Service restricts using Google Maps. When using OpenStreetMaps this module uses OpenLayers Javascript API to create the on screen map. It also uses the Geonames project for obtain location coordinates.


User Locations

These locations correspond to where the users live. If the students are not required to consent to being shown on this map then the module will attempt to determine their location from their profile information. The user's picture and description will be shown from their profile.

Other/Extra Locations

These locations are for any other course content.


Module Level Settings

Map Provider

This setting set which map provider each map should use.
  1. Each Map creator will chooses the map's provider
  2. Google
  3. OpenStreetMaps/OpenLayers

Map Level Settings

Show Student Locations on Map?

This setting determines whether students personal locations will show up on this map.

Require students consent to appearing on this map?

If student locations will be shown on this map then this setting determines whether students will need to explicitly set their location. If this is set to "No" then teachers and administrators will be able to update all user locations from their profile location.

Allow Students to add extra map locations?

This setting determines if students will be able to add locations to this map that are not their own personal locations. Teachers and administrators can always add extra locations to maps.

Show address field for extra locations?

This setting determines if an address field will be shown for the extra locations. If the address field is not shown then locations will only be able to be shown to the city level. Personal locations never have the address field for privacy reasons.